PolyPattern AutoMarker

More than Optimization

AutoMarker generates optimal markers in minutes or less. AutoMarker gives you great flexibility when dealing with complex fabric, cutting, and production. AutoMarker maximizes your productivity, minimizes your fabric consumption and optimizes your fabric orders.

  • 70% Less Human Effort
  • 8% Less Fabric
  • 100% Automation
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Flexibly Manage Fabric Defects

You’ve got to use a fabric with some needle lines and you don’t want to make a marker by hand. PolyPattern’s AutoMarker will let you quickly specify where the needle lines are and which pieces can be in, must be out of, or can partially overlap the defective fabric area.

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Get the Highest Efficiency for Fabrics with Shade Variations

You discover that your fabric has slight shade variations and you need to keep quality high. No problem - tell PolyPattern about it and you’ll get a solution.


PolyPattern AutoMarker in Action

Ingeniously Specify Garment Sets.png

Ingeniously Specify Garment Sets

Laying garment sets with different style codes and different sizing can be a puzzle and a headache. You need to match their fabric direction and to cost them separately and as a set. Say hello to the solution. PolyPattern does it in 1 click.

Width Optimization in a Snap.jpg

Width Optimization in a Snap

Your fabric supplier gives you the option to order the fabric in a range of widths. How do you quickly determine which width gives you the least fabric waste? Ask PolyPattern.


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“Polytropon is the only CAD supplier we spoke with that could understand thoroughly our requirements and provide a solution to meet our most complex style and quality related cutting room constraints.”

Burak Ilgaz / Factory Manager, DEVENLAY-EREN, Turkey 


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Pattern Design & Automatic Marking
Thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure maximum productivity.
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True-to-life 3D garment modeling, a foundation for your digital workflow.
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Product photography made easy with OrbitVU's 360° photo and presentation technology.
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