Collection Planning

PolyOrganize gives you all the tools to plan and track the style range and assure that performance targets are met. You can analyze and chart the collection progress across a range of variables of your choice.

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Cost Scenarios

Run multiple fully-customizable cost scenarios on any product or material, in multiple currencies and with multiple suppliers. Fabric consumption can be linked to real marker data. Fabric costing can be drilled down to the yarn level. Costing can also be done separately for any color/size combination.

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Time and Action Plans

You follow all processes and assure quality through time and action plans and to-do lists. You can configure a warning system to alert you to possible upcoming delays, and a notification system for unexpected changes.

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Complete Detailed Tech Pack

PolyOrganize handles every aspect of your style development specs - in any level of detail — so your spec is 100% production ready. Have you got a challenging scenario? Tell us about it.


Product Sourcing

View, search, manage, and match your suppliers and subcontractors to your needs in terms of performance evaluations, certifications, compliance, eligibility, manufacturing capabilities, and capacity.


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“After partnering with Polytropon using PolyOrganize PLM for both our Lacoste and Nautica brand development, we have seen the depth of their knowledge plus the ease and benefits of implementing their solutions across the product lifecycle.”

Burak Ilgaz / Factory Manager, DEVENLAY-EREN, Turkey 

“Thanks to PolyOrganize, we were able to manage the >400% growth we sought in terms of both the quantity and complexity of our style collections.”

F. Kitsikopoulou / Managing Director, ELVE SA, Greece 


Our Products

Our full suite of integrated technologies will help you transform the way you do business.

Pattern Design & Automatic Marking
Thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure maximum productivity.
Product Lifecycle Management
Image oriented, workflow driven, process sensitive software to plan and manage every aspect of the product lifecycle from concept to production.
3D Design and Development
True-to-life 3D garment modeling, a foundation for your digital workflow.
Automated Photography Solutions
Product photography made easy with OrbitVU's 360° photo and presentation technology.
Store Planning and Visualization
Retail technology for store planning, visual merchandising, and in-store compliance.

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