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Rapidly Design in 3D

Design faster than ever in 3D and visualize new design lines without ever cutting or sewing virtually. Browzwear’s 2D/3D synchronized tools include 3D draw, 2D flat pattern design, fabric color and repeat control, print and fabric positioning, clipping, scaling and rotating, plus smart zippers, buttons, and more. No pattern skills necessary.

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Seamless Workflow between Adobe & Browzwear

If you are using Adobe Creative suite you can sync between our tools and Illustrator or Photoshop. In real time.

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Accurately Visualize Fabric Draping

Visualize the way any fabric folds and falls on a real human body with our incredibly accurate 3D fabric draping simulation.

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Experience Digital True-Motion Fitting

If you produce clothes in addition to designing them, you need to digitally test for fit at the earliest stages of development. With Browzwear you can read pressure and tension values on any avatar in complex poses.


Effortlessly Showcase Your Styles

Your digital samples are ready, so how do you share them? Browzwear’s Stylezone platform streamlines sharing your apparel, accessories, and outfits in photo-realistic images and turn-tables based on state-of-the-art Raytrace rendering. Share away beautiful renderings with your managers, customers, suppliers, VM and marketing teams.


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Our Products

Our full suite of integrated technologies will help you transform the way you do business.

Pattern Design & Automatic Marking
Thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure maximum productivity.
Product Lifecycle Management
Image oriented, workflow driven, process sensitive software to plan and manage every aspect of the product lifecycle from concept to production.
Automated Photography Solutions
Product photography made easy with OrbitVU's 360° photo and presentation technology.
Store Planning and Visualization
Retail technology for store planning, visual merchandising, and in-store compliance.

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