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Flexibly Monitor your Progress

Dynamically display your orders from different view points. Generate time and action plans.  Control all processes from yarn to finished garment. At the end, know your actual cost.

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Analyze your Status

Manage your production processes, in-house or outsourced, in terms of time schedules, quantities, and quality. Use drill down views to get a clear overview of all orders and their status to quickly spot issues. View it and modify it all in a detailed and flexible calendar.

Transparently Manage your Stock.jpg

Transparently Manage your Stock

Track real and projected stock quantities. Automatically generate work orders, purchase orders, and all related production documents. Stock moves as production documents are easily transformed from one phase to the next.

Increase your Reliability with Visual Planning.jpg

Increase your Reliability with Visual Planning

Plan your order placement according to your capacity and that of your suppliers. Instantly see where you’ve got some room so you give reliable delivery dates.


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Our Products

Our full suite of integrated technologies will help you transform the way you do business.

Pattern Design & Automatic Marking
Thoughtfully designed tools, advanced features, and intelligent automation that ensure maximum productivity.
Product Lifecycle Management
Image oriented, workflow driven, process sensitive software to plan and manage every aspect of the product lifecycle from concept to production.
3D Design and Development
True-to-life 3D garment modeling, a foundation for your digital workflow.
Automated Photography Solutions
Product photography made easy with OrbitVU's 360° photo and presentation technology.
Store Planning and Visualization
Retail technology for store planning, visual merchandising, and in-store compliance.

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