Standardized Shooting at its Best.jpg

Standardized Shooting at its Best

Save any number of presets (times, diaphragms, light adjustment and more) for each product category so you can standardize your shots and reproduce them easily. Standardization in product photography is paramount.


Shadow Management Made Simple.jpg

Shadow Management Made Simple

Alphashot regenerates the natural shadow of the product on a separate channel so you can choose whether to publish the image with contour or with a natural shadow adjustable in intensity and size.

All-in-Focus Images with SuperFocus.jpg

All-in-Focus Images with SuperFocus

SuperFocus exclusive Orbitvu feature allows you to focus separately on the point closest to the lens and the point farthest from the lens. The camera takes several shots with varying focus settings combining the results to compose a unique image, cropped and focused from corner to corner.

Automate Cropping and Margins.jpg

Automate Cropping and Margins

Automate cropping by precisely defining the size of the margins around the articles you shoot. With Auto Cropping you can optimize the display and alignment of the products in your e-commerce site.

Selectively Highlight Product Details.jpg

Selectively Highlight Product Details

When a product detail is made out of a gold, silver, or other material, Color Beautifier makes it possible to revive and highlight that part while the rest of the image remains intact.

Streamline your Workflow.jpg

Streamline your Workflow

Save images in high resolution and export in batches to a series of predefined formats. For example export high resolution files in PNG with a transparent background for your visual signage and JPEG files on a white background for your online store. All with a push of a button.


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