Polytropon hosts 3D technology event

Presentation Image.001.jpeg

Polytropon recently hosted an evening of presentations and informal talks in Istanbul. Attendees were there to hear about the use of Browzwear’s 3D technology and latest software release in an integrated digital workflow with Polytropon’s PolyPattern CAD and PolyOrganize PLM systems.

Over 200 people gathered for the event, which also showcased work from companies in Turkey and abroad.

A common sentiment among all attendees - we all need to adopt these technologies in order to live a more creative, sustainable future.

Polytropon announced the establishment of monthly 3D Workshops to provide designers and pattern makers with substantial hands on experience in using Browzwear’s VStitcher.

Contact us to learn more and follow a workshop.

Emmanouil F Ioannidis