Istanbul Bilgi University Mockshop Presentation 2019


Polytropon was invited to Istanbul Bilgi University to talk about technologies for visual merchandising.  We met with junior year students in Fashion Design at the Dolapdere campus.

The crowd was lively and the students curious about the challenges the retail sector is facing, and to learn how brands are currently working and innovating to stay ahead of the curve to meet consumer demands.  After discussing these challenges and current practices, we focused on the interactive 3D technology provided by our solution partner Visual Retailing. 

With Mockshop and ShopShape platforms, Visual Retailing revolutionizes the way brands and retailers work and plan stores digitally.

Polytropon has been adding value to its clients with its own solutions for almost 30 years and continues to serve in the Turkish and Greek markets as the Mockshop solution partner.

The Polytropon Team